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Marcapar Canada offers training to all hairdressing professionals who want to incorporate plant colouring into their practice to meet the demands of the new trendy green clientele.
This two-day training not only makes you a plant colourist but also an expert in hair and scalp care thanks to the virtues of vegetable oils and essential oils.
It also allows hairdressers to master the use of the full range of Marcapar natural products.

This training makes it possible to obtain the Diploma of Hairdresser “Coloriste Végétal” and to be part of the network of independent hairdressers “Les Cuisiniers du Cheveu”.

The label “Les cuisiniers du Cheveu” is not a franchise. It does not impose any exclusivity.

Following the training, the trainee leaves with an introductory kit that includes the full range of Marcapar products in order to start working in the salon the next day.
Note that the introductory kit is payable in full at the end of the training (price of the introductory kit on request)

The training takes place in Montreal, usually on Mondays and Tuesdays.
The fee for the two-day training is $300 per trainee.
The training calendar is available on request:

What brings you the Marcapar training and the network « Les cuisiniers du cheveu  »

  • An introduction to bio-hairdressing and the impact on the health of our customers, our employees and ourselves.
  • Concepts of cosmetovigilance and awareness of natural products in hairdressing.
  • A modern and innovative approach to hairdressing that also corresponds to the major environmental and ecological trends of our time.
  • In-depth knowledge of dye plants and their virtues in plant coloring.
  • A good use of Marcapar products and the happiness of being able to work with a range of healthy and natural products.
  • A rewarding and ethical image for your show that gives added value to your professional activity.
  • An opportunity to finally meet the increased demand of an ever larger clientele looking for natural hair products.
  • Also satisfy demand of pregnant women, people with allergies or under medical treatment.
  • Take advantage of the communication tools offered by Marcapar such as visuals, banners, logos and recently the Transparency Booklet that allows you to better communicate the ingredients of Marcapar products to your customers.
  • Have the Marcapar Canada Training Center as a technical support at any time according to your needs.

Join in

Become a plant colourist hairdresser

Open to all hairdressers.

Join the “Les Cuisiners du Cheveu” network and give your customers 100% natural care and colors!

What are your immediate benefits?

Expertise in 100% plant colouring
Increase in your turnover
Conquering new customers (> 20%)
Distribution of an exclusive range of products: shampoos, masks, styling gels, oils …

Custom coaching

Permanent training in coloring and plant knowledge
Communication plan assistance

Training on request

The membership of the “Hair Cooks” network requires the future partner to learn a know-how in plant coloring and a thorough knowledge of plants.

Change of lifestyle, awareness of the benefits of natural products, the network The Cooks of the Hair has taken into account all these elements to meet the simplest and most fair to its customers.

“The Cooks of the Hair”, it is also an availability and a permanent listening.

Joining the network Hair Cooks also benefit from brand communication and shared rates at a lower cost.

The network has a multimedia communication kit: poster pack, a macaron label to affix on your window, a plant color flyer and products to distribute to your customers.
Permanent training in colorimetry and plant knowledge
Communication plan assistance

Program of the training

1st day

Chemical Colouring vs Plant Colouring
Protocol of application
Scale of tone and reflection corresponding to the baths of plants
Scale of tone on white hair
• Pre-pigmentation
• Neutralize
• Darken
Dyestuff plants with flavonoids
Dyestuff plants with anthraquinones
Dyestuff plants at indigos
The junction
The decoctions
Scalp problem
• Indication of aromatic complexes
• White clay: The Kaolin
Scalp care range
• Living room protocol
Range dry and weakened hair
• Identification of products (styling products, masks, shampoos, oils)

2nd day

Revision protocol and application technique
In the kitchen!
Technique of application of the bath of plants

Obligations of salons labeled Marcapar

     Exhibitions to which we attribute this label and who want to join the network must commit to:
    – have completed an Expert training on plants and vegetable oils;
    – use plants and oils, and only plants and oils;
    – be transparent: know how to listen and interact with the client, advise and honestly inform them, communicate with truth-telling;
    – comply with the application protocols;
    – respect the brand, the logo, the staff and the clientele;
    – adopt an eco-responsible behavior;
    – ban harmful ingredients for health and the environment.

This is specified in the charter “The cooks of the hair”.

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