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the oils

The three aromatic complexes have a common base of three vegetable oils: Wheatgerm Oil, Jojoba Oil and Sesame Oil.
The combinations of essential oils vary to cover all types of scalps. We apply the aromatic complex on the scalp and then performs a massage that relaxes the scalp and facilitates the action of oils. The complex can be applied the day before the shampoo, it will act during the night.

It is important to complete the treatment with a kaolin mask and a shampoo that cleans and purifies toxins evacuated by the action of oils.

Complex A – Apaisante

Complex A is especially indicated for film-coated hair, thanks to the combined action of a base of vegetable oils.

Complex B – Rafraîchissante

Complex B is especially indicated for oily hair, thanks to the combined action of a base of vegetable oils.

Complex C – Stimulante

Complex C is especially indicated for hair loss, thanks to the stimulating action of a base of vegetable oils.

Oil – Bien-Être Duo

The synergy of vegetable oils (Sesame, Avocado, Apricot, Argan) and essential oils (Rosemary, Niaouli) 100% organic is a real source of revitalization and protection of the hair fiber.

This enhances the beauty and shine of tired, damaged, soft, brittle, greasy, dull or devitalized hair.

Oil – L’Unique

The unique is a smart combination of seven 100% organic high added value vegetable oils and an essential oil, Ylang Ylang, which in addition to its captivating smell is an excellent source of vitality for the hair.

This clever blend is ideal for dry and damaged hair, it promotes hair reconstruction, activates micro-circulation and strengthens the scalp.

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