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Reinvent the profession and switch to the plant!

The MARCAPAR CANADA training center welcomes you for a two-day stage and introduces you to the 100% vegetable and plant virtues, as well as scalp care, the benefits of vegetable oils and essential oils.

Step into innovation and be a part of the ongoing green revolution!

Professional hairdressers, you are tired of working with products harmful to health and the environment?

« Marcapar is a modern approach of hairdressing, healthy and innovative. Our goal is to offer is to offer a hairdressing experience targeted towards care, beauty and well-being.

To do so, Marcapar has been inspired for 30 years by the richness of nature and the experience of hundreds of haidressers.

By proposing a healthy range that covers all any salon’s needs we offer a viable framework for the professionnals. We therefore wish to promote the relationship they maintain with their customer base.

This is why we challenge ourselves with strictness and standards of exigency.

Our whole range is internally formulated, made and conditionned in France. Our products are not tested on animals but submitted to clinical tests.

At Marcapar we only focus on the ingredients inside the products. We do not use the plants as an added value to our products but for their benefits and specific uses.

Finally, the Marcapar Vegetal Hair Stylists are engaged for its customers’ and collaborators’ well-being.

We owe ourselves honesty and wish to share our passion. »

Christian Roche, Hairdresser & Colorist, President and Founder of Marcapar, “The Hair Cooks”


What is Marcapar?
Marcapar is a French company that has been marketing for 15 years a wide and complete range of professional products for hair salons and sold exclusively by hairdressers. The Marcapar products are made of food ingredients, vegetal and essential oils. Marcapar coloring is 100% vegetal and exclusively made with plants. The network of Marcapar hairdressers counts more than 500 labeled “The Hair Cooks” (« Les cuisiniers du cheveu ») throughout Europe.

It is one of the leaders in hairdressing natural products.
Marcapar is implemented in Canada since 2014.

What is “The Hair Cooks”?
The network “The Hair Cooks” is a label assigned to the hair salons that use the Marcapar products. The salons to which we assign this label and who are willing to join the network must commit to follow the Expert training on plants and vegetal oils at the Marcapar Canada’s training center. The label “The Hair Cooks” is not a franchise: it does not impose any exclusivity. 

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